Laboratories & Workshops
Laboratories & Workshops
The core facilities, laboratories and centers in the College of Technology and Innovation provide the ideal environments for teaching, research and discovery. State-of-the-art equipment and technologies help students increase their knowledge and experience, and provide support for the use-inspired research conducted by the College’s faculty and students.

The laboratory is a fully integrated facility with at-bench services including vacuum, natural gas, compressed air, distilled and ultra-pure water and two non-dedicated gas lines allowing specialist gases to be supplied as required.

The whole laboratory is designed around the concept of total flexibility. This means that apart from four fixed service cores, all the laboratory benching is movable, enabling large experiments to be set up and run under fully serviced and controlled conditions. In addition, the whole laboratory is rated as Cat II for Microbiological containment, enabling many micro-organisms to be utilised for experimental and research purposes.

These have been designed to simulate an on site working environment. The working areas consist of four open workshops, three of these contain benches with one vice attached at each end and the other one contains the following machinery used to perform different tasks depending on the project in hand: Cross Cut Saw, Combination planner, Band saw, Spindle moulders, Flat bed grinders, Bench router, Mortise, Grinding wheel, Tooth cutting machine, Saw set, Drill press, Dovetail machine, Bobbin sander, Overhand planner, Tenoner machine, Rip Saw, Blade welder, Straight knife grinder etc.

These have been designed to simulate the actual working environments in which electrical contractors work. They comprise of brick, breeze block and timber built cubicles. These workshops also provide open spaces where portable fabrication equipment can be used.
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