WieldStrem University


S.no. Code Short Name Full Name of Course Eligibility Duration Fee per sem
1. ID-01 DMLT Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology 10+2 2 Years 22500/-
2. ID-02 DMRT Diploma in Medical Radiography Technology 10+2 2 Years 22500/-
3. ID-03 D.O.T.T. Diploma in Operation Theater Technology 10+2 With Science 2 Years 22500/-
S.no. Code Short Name Full Name of Course Eligibility Duration Fee per sem
1. M-01 M.P.T. Master of Physiotherapy
(All Branches)
B.P.T./B.O.T. 2 Years 32500/-
2. S-04 M. Pharma Master of Pharmacy Pharmacology/Pharmaceutics
B.Pharma 2 Years 40000/-
3. M-02 M.O.O.T. Master of Optometry & Opthalmic Technology BOOT/BPT/BOT 2 Years 32500/-
4. M-03 M.Sc. M.L.T. Master of Medical Laboratory Technology BMLT/BPT/BOT 2 Years 30000/-
5. M-04 M.O.T. Master of Occupational Therapy B.O.T./BPT 2 Years 25000/-
6. M-05 M.R.T. Master of Radiation Technology BRT/BPT/BOT 2 Years 30000/-
7. M-06 M.R.I.T. Master of Radio imaging Technology BRIT 2 Years 30000/-
8. M-07 M.Sc B.T/M.B Master of Science in Bio-technology.
B.Sc B.T / ZBC 2 Years 25000/-
9. M-08 MAPHE Master in Physical Education Graduation 2 Years 20000/-
10. M-09 M.Sc Bio-Chemistry/Maths/
B.Sc PCM/PCB 2 Years 12500/-
11. P-01 P.G.M.C.H. P.G. Diploma in Maternal &
Child Health
M.B.B.S. 1 Year 30000/-
12. P-02 P.G.D.R.A. P.G. Diploma in
Drug Regulatory Affairs
Graduate with Science 1 Year 30000/-
13. P-03 P.G.H.H.M. P.G. Diploma in
Hospital Health Management
M.B.B.S., B.Pharma, B.D.S.,B.H.M.S,B.Sc Nursing, BAMS, MBA 1 Year 25000/-
14. P-04 P.G.D.G.M P.G. Diploma in
Geriatric Medicine
M.B.B.S. 1 Year 30000/-
15. P-05 P.G.I.P.R. P.G. Diploma in
Intellectual Property Rights
Graduation 1 Year 20000/-
16. B-01 B.P.T. Bachelor of Physiotherapy 10+2 With PCM/PCB 4 Years 35000/-
17. B-02 B.O.O.T. Bachelor of Optometry &
Opthalmic Technology
10+2 With PCM/PCB 4 Years 27500/-
18. B-03 B.Y.N.S. Bachelor of Yoga &
10+2 4 Years 30000/-
19. B-04 B.R.I.T. Bachelor of Medical Radiology & Imaging Technology 10+2 With
3 Years 27500/-
20. B-05 B.M.L.T. Bachelor of
Medical Laboratory Technology
10+2 With PCM/PCB 3 Years 27500/-
21. B-06 B.R.T. Bachelor of Radiation Technology 10+2 PCM/PCB 3 Years 27500/-
22. B-07 B.O.T. Bachelor of Occupational Therapy 10+2 PCM/PCB 3 Years 27500/-
23. B-08 B.Sc B.T/M.B. Bachelor of Bio-Technology
/ Microbiology
10+2 PCM/PCB 3 Years 20000/-
24. S-3 PGDY P.G. Diploma in Yoga Graduation 1 Year 20000/-
25. S-2 PGDA P.G. Diploma in Acupuncture Any Medical Graduation/Life Science 1 Year 35000/-
26. B-09 B.Sc Biochemistry/Maths/Physics
10+2 Science 3 Year 12500/-
27. D-01 D.M.L.T. Diploma in
Medical Laboratory Technology
10+2 Science 2 Years 22500/-
10th 3 Years
28. D-02 D.M.R.T. Diploma in
Radiography Technology
10+2 Science 2 Years
10th 3 Years
29. D-03 D.O.T.T. Diploma in
Operation Theatre Technology
10+2 Science 2 Years 22500/-
10th 3 Years
30. D-04 D.E.T. Diploma in E.C.G. Technology 10+2 Science 2 Years 17500/-
10th 3 Years
31. D-05 D.O.T. Diploma in Opthalmic Technology 10+2 Science 2 Years 20000/-
10th 3 Years
S.no. Code Short Name Full Name of Course Eligibility Duration
33. NH-02 H.D

Homeopathic Dispensing

10th With any Subject 1Year  
34. NA-03 CAT

Certificate in Ayurvedic Therapy

10+2 with any Subject 1Year  
35. NY-04 CY

Certificate in Yoga

8th 6 Months  
36. NW-05 CRWH

Certificate in Rural Health for Women

5th 1Year  
37. NCW-06 CW

परिपूर्ण महिला पाठ्यक्रम

8th 1Year  
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